Bone Boosting Foods To Start Eating Today

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Did you know the foods you eat have a big effect on your bone strength? Keep reading to discover which one’s are best…

Want stronger bones? It may be as simple as looking at your diet.

In fact, what many people don’t realize is that the foods you eat have a direct influence on the strength of your bones.

As such, eating the right foods goes a long way to prevent stress fractures or osteoporosis down the road.

Which foods are best?

Let’s walk you through the best bone builders that you’ll want to take into account for optimal meal planning.

Sardines. While you may turn your nose up at this fish variety, it’s a good idea to experiment with different cooking methods to find a way to get them in. Not only are sardines a great source of calcium, they also contain omega-3 fatty acids which can help to fight any inflammation in the bones as well.

If you simply can’t get those sardines down, consider eating canned salmon with the bones left in. This will also give you a great dose of calcium without having to turn to dairy products.

Kale. If you haven’t yet added kale into your diet plan, now’s the time to start. This leafy green is just as nutrient dense as spinach and will pack in a powerful punch of calcium. Kale is also an excellent source of antioxidants, so it’s great for reducing free radical damage that may be taking place in your body as well.

Nuts. Adding a small handful of nuts to your regular diet is another thing to consider if you want to protect your bone health. Nuts are rich in potassium which helps offset the calcium loss that normally occurs through urine… and something which results in weaker bones. Try almonds, cashews, or walnuts.

Eggs. A free range whole egg can be another good way to help promote healthier bones. Eggs contain a small dose of vitamin D which is also critical in maintaining optimal bone density along with calcium. Far too many people focus strictly on calcium when it’s the calcium/vitamin D combination they need to be concerned with.

Since the best source of vitamin D is direct sunlight which many people avoid to prevent skin cancer, you may be falling short. If you aren’t going to supplement with vitamin D, eggs can help you get closer to meeting your daily intake.

Tuna. Finally, some fresh tuna can also help you get more vitamin D in. Just don’t eat it from the can – opt for a fresh fillet of red tuna and you can get up to 39% of your total vitamin D intake.

So, keep these foods in mind if you want to build stronger bones. Incorporate them in as often as you can while also considering a vitamin D supplement.

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Comments (100)

  1. brenda pippens

    Thank you so much James for all the wonderful information you giving I haven’t receive my shipment yet can’t wait to get started thanks again

    • Rosemary Barends

      Haven’t started your diet yet.

      • Roy

        I do not have a computer. My only source is my eye phone I’ll have to wait on my book. Thanks

      • rose Wigmore

        Have not received book yet. I am still disappointed that when I watched vidio it made it look like there would be only one thing to purchase. When I did so then more things I was supposed to purchase. Makes you feel like you only received part of the recipe.

        • Hi Rose,

          Any additional materials that might have been presented during the checkout process are discounted offers that many of our readers are interested in. They are special discount items only available to our readers and they are in no way required for implementation of the program.

          The Cruise Control Diet Core Program is the main book that thousands are using to lose weight and improve their lives. Some readers, however, prefer to watch the DVD, some people don’t even read books. Others are interested in natural supplements to add to their diet.

          I want to make sure that you do not have a misunderstanding – the diet is very effective on it’s own and is meant to be implement only with foods found in your local supermarket. No supplements or additional products are required to implement it.

          In fact, we have a support team working 24/7 to reply to questions about the diet that our readers might have and we take ever reader’s success as our priority. I don’t want you to miss out on this life changing program, especially now that you have discovered it and are so close to experiencing the results.

          • Wiley Crumpler

            James, I’m very interested in getting rid of belly fat. I have no computer, I’m 77 years old. I’ve ordered your book but have not received it yet.

          • Hi Wiley,

            I just checked with and I see that you have received your package. Wishing you a great start!

        • Allison Cobb

          I to thought I was buying one thing, I still haven’t received my shipment. I hope what I did buy is enough to work as I am a widow with extremely low income. I did this to become healthy and I can not afford all the extras.

    • Mary Jane Lamar

      I’never eaten kale but I love collards turnips and mustard. Do they serve the same purpose as kale

    • Barbara Hendricks

      I have not started my diet yet wait on book. Only have mobile phone.

      • Hi Barbara,

        I just checked with and your package is estimated to arrive on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

        Here is the tracking #: 9449016901804488102589

  2. Debbie Hooker

    What foods can I eat, or avoid, to lower cholesterol?

  3. Eileen Stapleton

    Getting LiveStrong stuff. Is this you?

    • Eileen Stapleton

      I’m not understanding moderation. The question is pretty basic…Is LiveStrong part of the Cruise Control Diet?

    • Hi Eileen,

      We offer The Cruise Control Diet And SlimBiotine(probiotics).

      • What kind of red or white wine can oyu drink? When going out o donnr I usuallyhave a coule of beers,but I rememberthat you said thaat beer was a no no.

        Thanks – Gayle

        I just received your book and I am half way through. I find thatthere areso many things that I ate are forbidden on this det. I hooe UI can learn to coo correctly.

  4. Nancy Lewinsky

    You say red wine. The red wine I have has sugar in it. Does it matter what red wine to use?

    Also, does everything I cook have to be put in the over or can I put it in a pan on top of stove
    and cook it. Like, sautéing onions and peppers? I have been following the book for 1 week now. So far so good.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nancy,

      It’s better to choose dry wines that don’t have sugar in them. And yes, you can cook in a pan on top of the stove if you like.

    • Please let me know the status of what you can drink or not I am going to Riveria Myia for vacation in April. I really need to loose this weight. I am hping tobe able o folloe this iet without going to Nutrisystem. I haven’t looked at therecipes in the back yet because yousaid to readthe whole bookfirst. Everything that you are saying really does make sense but the elimination of food is verylarge. Do you have a ready made plan? I do not have an health problems except rheumatoid arthritis. is. 2,500 unis of vitim D to much to take?

  5. sue marsh

    Dear Mr. Ward,
    Thanks for the info on Bone Boosting – at my age of 68 – I really do need. Waiting for my book, but have tried “instant access” not easy with all the sites – but finally did achieve and have lost 5# in one week!!!

    So happy.

  6. Rosemary Barends

    I do not have the book so I sm not sure what to eat except for the 5 foods you listed Is that it??? Rose

  7. Rosemary Barends

    Mr. Ward, My book and info arrived today, but have not
    had time to check it out. Thank you, Rose

  8. Luella Bender

    My husband shouldn’t eat nuts. He id diagnost with diberticulites, not sure its spelled that way. What are other good snacks. you use nuts for alot of foods. Just got the book and started reading it.

  9. Wanda Haggard

    Thanks for this information. I received the book. So glad to have a healthy diet plan. Have lost 4# so far! But more important, is the health benefits of your program.

  10. Mindy Wildman

    Hi James,
    I started CCD 6 days ago and have lost 13# already. My energy level is so much higher too.
    Thank you for putting this plan together. It is easy to understand and follow, and I love the
    no guilt guidelines. My whole family is participating and feels better. My husband wants to
    Know if he can eat popcorn, he really likes it. Thanks again.

  11. Dorothy L Jones

    Received your books two ago. I am amazed how much I have learn by reading your Cruise Contro Diet. I have stage 3 kidney disease and your book has helped greatly. Thank you!

  12. Julie Urbanek

    I started the CCD this past Sunday. Read the program book and also Brad Pilon’s book, Eat Stop Eat. Very good information. I have not weighed myself. Looking to see more results with how I feel and how my clothes fit.

  13. Thom Ayers

    James, received the CCD book last evening and started reading this morning. I couldn’t stop! It reads like a novel! Such wonderful information. You advocate drinking tea without sweeteners as well as diet sodas. I get the soda bit but there are sweeteners available now without aspartame i.e. Stevia extract.what is your take on these newest sweeteners? Thanks for the time you’ve spent as well as spending with our need to get healthy. I’m 68 and feel that it’s never to late to start a healthy lifestyle! I’m getting started Sunday!

  14. Evelyn Virnau

    Do you approve of using Stevia to sweeten?

  15. Rosemary Barends

    Sorry, I have decided not to do the ccd, but thanks Rose

  16. Rosemary Barends

    Do I need to send book back?

  17. Kelly

    I have just ordered the book, but read through all the materials online already. Very good information and recipes; however, there isn’t anything that i have found about cottage cheese (which i love for a quick meal) or cooking in the microwave. Can all the recipes be adapted to cook in the microwave?

  18. Doonetta

    I know juices are frowned upon but what about the all natural juice called “naked”?….. Thoughts?

  19. belene GUTIERREZ

    i haven’t started need list of food to get at store

  20. Jeannette lemire

    Thank you so much James for all the information ….I feel like I’m going to make it .as I am celiac
    with dermatitis hypertiformist basically can’t eat much of anything .getting very hungry and weak…
    So you are providing me with a lot of good things to or not to eat ….
    I have not started yet but getting all the information together ….thanks again jeannette

  21. William Cragg

    I’am a diabetic as well as I take warfarin for my Afib heart.I can’t eat green type veggies because of the vitamin K What do I substitute in the diet. Thanks Bill

  22. John peters

    We just received the book and will begin reading it soon.
    We follow, with occasional exceptions, Caldwell Esselstyn’s Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease diet and his son, Rip’s Engine 2 Diet. He has data that show recovery from cardiac damage.
    Our many cardiac issues (stents & blood thinners, pacemaker, aortic valve replacement) trump weight considerations, but we will study the book.
    Our current diet is a serious Vegan diet, ‘way beyond Vegetarian, which also excludes nuts & oils. We generally eat nothing with a mother or a face. We will see!

  23. P. Elizabeth Osburn

    How long before I get my book(s). Enthusiasm was high, but loosing it.

  24. Marlene Simpson

    I have the same question William Cragg had… I too am a diabetic and on a blood thinner and can not eat too much green leafy “stuff”. What is a good replacement?

  25. Donna Thomas

    I received my book yesterday. I am very excited to start your program.

  26. marianna head

    Thanks for all the info… trying to put it to good use while I’m waiting for my shipment so I can really get started…. waiting impatiently!!

  27. Pat Chiplock

    I rec’d my book yesterday and excited to see if this will work.

  28. Greg McHenry

    I ordered three bottles of Slimbiotine yesterday at the special price, I haven’t received any confirmation on the order but the response from your website said order was processed. Now I’m concerned that the order did not take.

  29. Sandra Lockwood

    Hi James
    I really hope this works better than the other million diets I’ve been on. And there has been a lot, I’ve tried them all. But I am so tired of counting calories, points and carbs that all I want is a diet I can follow, just tell me what to eat and I’ll do it.

    When I first started browsing through all the different books on line (haven’t gotten the hard copies yet) I kind of thought I can’t follow this. But then I read the story from the women who told you that she was not willing to give up some of her favorite foods and she was going back to weight watchers. Well, I was on weight watchers and had to count points, which got really tiring after a while, but also the counselor told me that I was being unrealistic in the amount of weight I wanted to lose and that discouraged me even further. So needless to say I left weight watchers.

    I just wanted to say I am really excited about getting started with this. This was exactly what I was looking for. You do all the planning and all I have to do is follow.


    • Hi Sandra,

      This program has helped out thousands of readers.

      The results are phenomenal and it is so easy. You eat until you are satisfied without having to worry about portion control or counting calories.

  30. Ann Reeves

    Hi, James, Am looking forward to my book which hasn’t come, yet. Yesterday I got an email saying you would talk about which cinnamon to buy in your next email, which is this one, so I held off buying it. I didn’t see anything about it. Will that information be coming soon? I have osteoarthritis and am anxious to get started, but was worried when you said something about potential liver, or was it kidney damage if you didn’t do it correctly. Thanks, Annie

  31. Hi James, received my book…I was thinking a recipe book was also included,! I wanted to get going and look at some recipes before I go shopping. I need to lose 20 lbs. looking forward to starting the diet. Thanks for all your informative email. Right now I cannot afford to purchase many oh the health item you suggest. Hopefully in a few months I will be able to do so. My regards, Adele

    • Hi Adele,

      Please take a look at the back cover and you will see that the Cookbook and Jumpstart Guide are in there. We have bound them together for easier reading and convenience to take to the grocery store.

      Thank you again for your purchase and wishing you a great start to the program!

  32. Hans Hammer

    I’ve started on the program over the past week. I’m trying to adapt it to a ovo-lacto vegetarian lifestyle. After finishing the book and reading many of the e-mails and links, still have a few questions:
    A. Any problems with many cheeses, I find many with zero carbohydrates, mostly just fat and protein?
    B. Many beans and legumes, chick peas especially, seem to have a low glycemic index, I’ve eaten beans all my life, age 69, and don’t have any GI problems with the fiber. Could I add some with eggs or a salad?
    C. Protein powders? One that I’ve used in the past, Designer Whey, 2 gm fat, 2 gm sugar (6 gm CHO) and 18 gm protein. It is sweetened with Stevia, still down find a clear answer on this product in the publication or blog above.
    D. OK to snack with natural peanut butter or humus on celery?

    • Hi Hans,

      Dairy is a grey area. Many people are affected by it while others eat it and still get results.

      You just have to try it out for yourself. If you eat dairy products and are still seeing results, no need to cut it out. If you don’t get the results you are looking for, cut out the dairy for a few weeks and see if that was affecting you.

      Legumes are not recommended because of nutrients absorption issue. They will not interfere with weight loss if you like them. If you really enjoy it, you can have some from time to time without counting this as a cheat meal but wait until phase II.

      The protein shake is not a whole foods breakfast – it is manufactured, highly processed and even though you can’t find sugar in it, it probably has a sugar substitute of some kind.

      It is best if you stick to a real whole foods breakfast so you can get results faster. After that, when you are the desired weight you could reintroduce that specific breakfast and see if it affects you.

      Peanut butter is allowed as a snack and we only recommend brands with no or minimal sugar (1-2 grams per serving). You may also use nut butters as well.

      You can also have humus with celery.

  33. Hi James
    I have been on the diet very strict for 1 week now and have lost 2 1/2 pounds
    I am happy with all the food I,can eat
    I am concerned because I have no energy
    Is there something I should or should not be doing?
    I sleep,well at night but when I get up I just don’t have any energy and it doesn’t change through the day

    • Hi Linda,

      Congrats on your initial weight loss. The first two weeks of the program are the metabolic reset phase. It takes time for your metabolism to change in order for you to loose weight. Everyone loses weight at a different pace. As long as you are feeling better overall, sleeping better, and have more energy, the diet is working. You need to stick with it and you will look and feel better.

  34. Suzanne Calandrino

    Need my book. Haven’t received yet.

  35. bill barber

    received my book havent read then yet

  36. Carol Hoffman


    Have not received not only the book, but the email with the quickstart info. Getting very frustrated as I had thought I’d be on my way before the book arrived. Guess not? All I get are ads for supplements which I cannot afford at this time, as I’m disabled and on very rigid financial schedule. I’d not have signed up if I knew I had to pay for these supplements evenw ithout giving the diet a chance.

  37. Pat Marino

    Hi James
    I haven’t received my books yet, very excited to get started.

  38. Evangeline Reynolds

    I downloaded information on Sat. Showed to Dr an he OK the material. Started it an feel better already I had given up sugar an dairy already three weeks ago an have lost seven PDS however switch to your diet because it easier an I’m not hungry so far an really don’t desire the good you say not to have. Hope to keep up the progress thanks for the emails

  39. Margaret

    I have not received my books. When will I get them?

  40. Vernon Labore

    I received my package and started 3 days ago. so far so good. The one thing I dont see is snacks or are they bad. Can only eat so many raw peanuts and apples. Is there a section I may have missed on this, also any listings on safe desserts. My goal is to loose 25 lbs so don’t want to eat something that would stop or hindure the process. In the menu it states fish and salmon, I do not like these, will it hurt my program if I don’t eat them.

    • Hi Vernon,

      I am you received your package. You can have fruit, veggies and nuts for snacks. Some examples are blueberries, granny smith apples, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery with natural peanut butter. Safe deserts could be nut butters like peanut butter and also remember that you have your cheat meals so you can have regular deserts with those.
      You don’t have to eat fish and salmon if you don’t like them. The recipes are only suggestions and should be modified to your personal preference.

      Wishing you a great start!

  41. Received your book & supplements. Haven’t finished book yet, starting supplements today.

    Really don’t care for kale but love spinach! What else can I substitute for kale?

    Excited to really get started. I want to lose at least 60 #. Would it help to journal my progress?

    Tnx for quick delivery of materials.

    • Hi Sandra,

      The recipes in the Cookbook are not required by any means. They are simply suggestions and ideas for meals. We have many people allergic to various foods. Some are even vegetarians.

      The most important thing is understanding the fundamental principles of the Core Program. More specifically, the types of foods you can eat and which to avoid like the plague. Once you know and understand these principles, this whole process becomes intuitive and you can easily substitute for foods you are allergic to or simply to not enjoy.

    • Nik Takano

      Hi Sandy,

      Yes it will be definitely will help you reach your goal. Please dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any help along the way. We are here to assist

      Wishing you a great start!

  42. Lynda Berry

    Hi James. No order yet. I am 73 and on a fixed income. I can’t afford to buy all the extra things. Hope the diet will still work. I need to lose 70 80 lbs.I need all the help I can get.I have tried so many diets and they don’t work. Can’t wait to start diet.Thank you so much.

  43. Why was I charged twice for my Biotine order? $179.8 on 5-7 and &129.75 on5-8-17.

    Please give me a call at 509 758 4294.

    Thanks, Ruth

    Still slow in weight loss.

    • Hi Ruth and thank you for your recent purchase.

      I just looked up your order information and see you chose the 3 bottle purchase for $129.95. After you placed your order you were presented with a one-time special for 6 additional bottles at a great discount. I see that you added the 6-month special to your order for $179.82. This breaks down to $29.97 per bottle.

      Please keep in mind that the 6-bottle special is only offered after an initial purchase to first-time customer.

      These were offered at a great discount of $179.82 with free shipping as we save a lot in process and shipping together with your original order. And of course, your entire purchase comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

  44. Terrie jones

    Is plant based milk ok to consume on this diet?
    i.e. Soy, almond, coconut.

    • Nik Takano

      Hi Terrie,

      Thanks for writing in. Plant based milk is allowed as long as its unsweetened. Same with coconut and Almond milk. James recommends to stay away from soy product in general, not for weight loss issues but other health concerns with them.

  45. C. Walker

    My book won’t be delivered until Tuesday, August 22, 2017. I’ve read all of the comments and can’t wait to get started. I need to loose 85lbs. I’ve tried it all and I must say I’m little scared but ready. I just pray that this will work for me. I’m always tired and I’m always moving or doing something and I do work. The weight is weighting me down. So I hope this will be money well spent.

    • Nik Takano

      Hi C.Walker,

      Thanks for writing in. You can already start to login on our member’s area so you can see the digital copies of what you purchased. Have you gone through our online material yet?

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