Curb Cravings With This Tasty Topping

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Curb cravings with this tasty food topping…

If you find yourself craving – even after a good-sized meal – chances are you’re eating the wrong foods. In the long run this can cause you to pack on extra pounds as you reach for snacks to satisfy hunger.

Luckily, the solution simple: make better meal choices. You’ll feel full longer, eat less over time, and keep your waistline trim. And according to a recent study, one of the best ways to do this is with olive oil.

Researchers in Vienna put four fats to the test: lard, butter, rapeseed oil (canola), and olive oil. The goal of the experiment was to determine which of these has a higher satiety index (i.e. makes you feel full).

Test subjects were fed 500 grams of low-fat yogurt topped with one of the above fats every day for 3 months. And while nobody increase their body-fat percentage, the people eating olive oil reported a higher feeling of fullness. This was also apparent by the higher concentration of serotonin – a marker of satiety – in the blood.

What’s more is that in addition to its ability to induce fullness via hormone release, olive oil seems to make you feel full simply through its aroma. It’s characteristic smell is enough to curb your cravings.

The best part? It’s arguably the healthiest oil you can eat.

That said, you should make a part of every meal by using it in salad dressing. The recipe is simple. Mix a few tablespoons of oil and red wine vinegar, add a pinch of salt along with black pepper and oregano and you’re ready to go.

It’s delicious, cost-effective, and much better than anything you’ll buy at the store (in fact, here’s a great read on exactly why should avoid the latter altogether).

In conclusion, if you find yourself craving after meals, make sure you’re eating enough fat. And one of the healthiest ways to include these in your diet is through good ole’ olive oil.

Bon appetit!

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  1. raye zeigler

    Is there a certain kind of olive oil? Can you use balsamic instead of red wine vinegar?

  2. Audrey Rodriguez

    Thanks to you and your encouragement. Even your receipes are an encouragement because I know someone is thinking of me and my battle with body fat. I have lost 10 lbs. in the last month. I have been struggling all my life with fat. Thanks, thanks I sure do miss bread though.

  3. Al Walker

    Does honey or Tuva (Stevia) affect your blood sugar the same as sugar? Is it OK to use?

    • Linda Ferrell

      Can you use truvia?

      • Hi Linda,

        Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

    • Ruben Simon

      Considering that stevia has zero calories and zero glycemic index, I don’t know why all doctors don’t push it and health-conscious people don’t switch to it 100%.

  4. Russ

    honey bad for us????? migrator1@hotmailcom

  5. paul dagati

    lost 10 lbs in the first month…….now the hard part

  6. Rachel

    I get tired and very sleepy can’t seem to lose weight. What am I doing wrong!

  7. Do I get a cookbook with this diet

    • Hi Gail,

      Please take a look at the back cover and you will see that the Cookbook and Jumpstart Guide are in there. We have bound them together for easier reading and convenience to take to the grocery store.

  8. Sandi

    I started the Cruise Control Diet a week ago and am doing well with it…except for the salad dressing. Though I was hoping I could endure it, I really hate vinegar and the one salad I ate with an oil and vinegar dressing was awful. Is there anything you can suggest that would work as a substitute? I would be grateful for any help offered.

    • Hi Sandy,

      You can make your own dressing with mayo if you like. I know that you don’t like olive oil and vinegar but most salad dressings contain these two ingredients in them. If you buy ready made salad dressings they contain a lot of hidden sugars in them.

    • Pamela Wendall

      I typically eat my salads with no dressing as I like to be able to taste the vegetables. But if I’m wanting dressing, for some reason, I use Ranch and either put a sparse amount on my salad or dip the tongs of my fork in dressing on the side. Use much less dressing either way.

    • Jan Campbell

      I find lemon juice is a good substitute for vinegar when making my own salad dressing.

    • Jeanie Mayo

      I use lemon juice and a little salt.zI love this on salad.This is OK isn’t it.

  9. Katrina

    My husbNd & I started the diet 2 weeks ago I last 11 lbs the first week and he lost 8. After the 2 bd week neither of us lost any additional weight. What is wrong? I don’t want to give up yet. He has diabetes 2 is that a factor for him? I am hypoglycemic buy had no problem rating correctly.

    • Hi Katrina,

      Congrats to both of you on your weight loss. I’m glad to hear that you are doing so well.

      The first two weeks of the program are the metabolic reset phase. It takes time for your metabolism to change in order for you to loose weight. Everyone loses weight at a different pace. As long as you are feeling better overall, sleeping better, and have more energy, the diet is working. You need to stick with it and you will look and feel better and also see results.

  10. Mary Turner

    THANKS, James! I am 68 and very health conscious, but consider sugar my addiction.
    I have suspected Diabetes for years, but fear the D word more than the C word, as it is all
    over my genealogy! I started CC Diet for life last Friday and now have HOPE for the future.
    I have not had any refined sugar since I started. feeling really well until today! It must be withdrawals from my addiction. Please help me . I am anxious and shaky and I don’t understand what else it could be. Any quick fixes? I am drinking water with ACV and lemon juice and stevia like crazy, hoping that will help!

    • Hi Mary,

      You should consult with your doctor because you could have very low sugar or another condition. The change might be too abrupt for you.

  11. Marsha Moe

    Couple things: Just wondering if you can eat to much protein by doing that you could harm your kidneys over a period of time?
    2nd thing is I lost 5 pounds in less than a week which is most likely water, but the last 3 nights have not been sleeping good at all, waking up a lot can to much protein cause that?
    Thanks Marsha Moe

    • Hi Marsha,

      High protein intake is an issue for people with kidney problems and if you are not sure if you have kidney problems you should check with your doctor. The Cruise Control Diet is not a high protein diet – we recommend an endless amount and variety of vegetables to eat.

  12. Ramon Saenz

    James , what is the best thing I can do for arthritis in my hands , I started the diet a week and a half ago and do well 6 lb off !! thanks

  13. Patricia Woehler

    Hi just read all the information excited to get started, which I plan to do so on Sunday, but I have a question. I do not eat any kind of meat except seafood – fish, shrimps ect. I received the meal plans and plan to substitute all meats with fish and shrimp ( I also make sure not to eat fish with high mercury or if I do once a week) do you have any suggestions for me regarding this. Oh, I will also replace some meals that require meat with eggs. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  14. Marie Gauci

    Hi James, I started about 10 days ago and have lost 8 pounds. This was the jump start I needed. I still want to lose 30-40 lbs so I need to keep going and need to keep variety in the mix.
    Are sweet potatoes allowed in phase 1 or 2? How about acorn squash?
    I did purchase the CCD book, but am wishing I got an electronic version so 1) I could have it with me all the time on my iPhone and 2) I could do a word search in the document so I can remember what you said about particular food items (such as sweet potatoes and acorn squash).
    Thanks- Marie

    • Hi Marie,

      You can have sweet potatoes and acorn squash in phase II. Your hard copies of the program also comes with a free download. Go to your members area and you will be able to log in with your email address and we can always change your password if you don’t remember it. You can email our support team for help.

  15. Hi, since starting the cc diet.I have never ate a cheet meal yet.Have not desired one. Seem to be loseing weight though, maybe 10lb since I started.I do use honey in my tea, on sweet potatoe and in tea is there anything wrong with that.

    • Hi Patricia,

      Although a natural product, honey is found as a rare food in nature and should be consumed as such only rarely. We recommend honey as a natural sweetener from time to time but not daily and without overindulging.

      Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

  16. Ruben Simon

    Considering that stevia has zero calories and zero glycemic index, I don’t know why all doctors don’t push it and health-conscious people don’t switch to it 100%.

  17. Benjamin Heys

    I just finished week 1 and am pleased to say I lost 5.5lbs – so far so good and I must say it was a hell of a lot easier than Weight Watchers and Calorie Count both of which I have tried and failed at too many times to count – Not been hungry at all and the IF piece just comes naturally to me as I never really eat breakfasts. My question is – is there a way to get your recipes that I have missed the one I am really keen to try is the Mashed Cauliflower – any help appreciated – Thanks a million James – will keep you posted on progress

  18. Mary McNeil


    How about coconut milk (unsweetened) ? I have been using this in my coffee, probably ends up being about 3 tablespoons and 30 calories. It states it has < 1 gram sugar.

    And coconut oil vs olive oil?

    Thank You,


  19. Barbara Cohen

    I have been on the ccd for 10 days. I have lost 7 pounds. Not hungry. I never did eat breakfast
    before 11 or 12. My last food is at 8 PM. So I think I am doing well. I did have 1/2 a sweet potato
    this week. Very pleased with the diet.
    I made Chopped chicken livers with egg and onion and olive oil Delicious. When I have cravings I went to that and was satisfied. I also make Oopsie rolls to put stuff on. They have to wheat,
    or corn or rice. Just eggs cream cheese and cream of tartern. n Great with Boars Head salami.

  20. Pat Chiplock

    I started CCD six days ago and have lost a total of 7 lbs so far, I am excited. I feel this is the best diet . Something I can live with.

  21. Kristine Kimble

    What is wrong eating caesar salad if I can find one without or just a minute amt of sugar?

  22. Boetta Forbes

    Have not received books which I ordered several weeks ago. Please let me know when to expect them. Thank you

  23. Donnamarie

    Hi James I lost 30 lbs in 6 months and enjoy the Cheat Day every Sat. But when I am stressed, chocolate decreases it. I call my Cheat Day, Fun Day. Also the Slimbiotine has stopped the Spastic Colon attacks that I had for over 50 years. Thank you , you are a Real Life Saver!

  24. susan nelson

    Many of us are vegetarians and you are obviously a major carnivore. I do wish you would keep us uppermost in your mind and adapt your comments when appropriate. It creates a more inclusive feeling I think.
    I have oatmeal for breakfast with a half handful of dried cranberries. Among the dried fruits, these are pretty low in sugar. How do you feel about oatmeal?
    I think zylitol is a better choice than stevia. your opinion?
    I read the whole book today and going to Trader Joes tomorrow to shop. My feeling is that being a vegetarian is going to make the diet rather daunting. I thought I’d be excited to begin, but tonight I feel somewhat discouraged.

    • Hi Susan,

      Being a vegetarian, you will need to get a little creative. You must remember that your body needs fat and it needs calories. Most vegetables (grains excluded and not recommended) do not provide enough calories and you must make up for that by eating a lot.

      Our recommendation is to eat fish and seafood in general, as well as fatty vegetables such as avocados and olives and high calorie vegetables such as roots. Be sure to also avoid soy and meat imitation products.

      Additionally, soups are a great solution for you (e.g. pumpkin soup, cream of broccoli soup, etc.).

      Finally, as part of the email follow-up course, you’ll be receiving additional tips and recipes. Some of these recipes are meat based, however feel free to modify them with the above recommendations.

      Oatmeal is not recommended. If you are looking for a cereal alternative, try to create your own “cereal” with seeds and nuts of your choice and a sliced apple. Oatmeal will work against what you are trying to achieve.

      The xylitol sweetener products are OK to have form time to time if you do not overindulge.

      Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

  25. L.L. Luna

    James, you mentioned earlier that one shouldn’t eat Quinoa. Well, Quinoa is NOT a grain, it’s a seed, so I thought we could eat seeds in your diet. Please correct me if I wrong, but if you read the package and look it up on the internet, it says it’s a seed! Thanks

    • Hi L.L.,

      We do not recommend quinoa. However, the program is very loose and even if you break a few rules, it will still work if you follow the program overall. If you really like it, you can have it from time to time and not count it as a cheat meal.

  26. Linda Sherony

    What about dry roasted peanuts with no salt. Is that a good snack?
    I have not gotten the book yet but did get the probiotics ordered same time
    Am really looking forward to starting the diet
    How long to get the book?

    • Hi Linda,

      Dry roasted peanuts with no salt are a great snack.I see that your package has been delivered. Wishing you a great start!

      • Christina Keats

        Hi James. I am just in the process of reading all the articles & comments on your website about CCD. I suffer greatly from GERD and as a result have been put on Prevacid. I hate having to take it and worry about the fact that it blocks all acid being produced in the stomach. To my way of thinking that would interfere with the breakdown of foods esp protein. So I am trying to find a natural way to get off the Prevacid and still not suffer from GERD. Any suggestions?

        • Hi Christina,

          I am sorry to hear about all the medical issues you’ve been dealing with and would like to congratulate you for taking the initiative for a healthier diet and better weight.

          The Cruise Control Diet is a whole foods approach to nutrition that is also anti-inflammatory. If you are on medications that cause weight gain, it is even more important for you to follow a healthy whole foods-based diet to counter their effect. You will see results, although they might be slower and take longer overall.

  27. Donna

    I like to use cured turkey to cook vegetables and dry peas. What can I use to get the same affect. By the way I love your book
    Thanks for all that you are doing to help keep us healthy. And the tips are great. I am taking Omeprazole DR 40mg once a day for acid reflax.Can I take the biotine
    Along with it or should I stop taking the other one.Also I have turned fourbfamuly member onto the diet since I started. They are exited.

  28. Kathleen Greer

    I am severely hypoglycemic and really want to succeed on CCD but I’m worried about passing out if I don’t eat every three hours. What do you suggest I do to not pass out, yet succeed at the same time?

    • Hi Kathleen,

      You can eat every few hours, that is not a problem. As long as you are eating the proper foods, you will be fine. You can have meat, fish, seafood, veggies, fruit, nuts, soup, salad and eggs.

  29. Linda Baule

    Are Chia seeds OK to eat?

  30. Eileen Boone

    I would like to return my cruise control diet book! I just don’t feel like it is what I need! Please tell me how I return it! Thank you!

  31. No comment. I do have a question. I drink a lot of Green Tee. I drink TURKEY HILL DIET GREEN EA with Ginseng and Honey. It has no calories. Is this good or bad?

  32. What are your thoughts on agave v honey?

    • Hi Carlton,

      You should stay away from agave. Although a natural product, honey is found as a rare food in nature and should be consumed as such only rarely. We recommend honey as a natural sweetener from time to time but not daily and without overindulging.

      Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

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