The #1 Food You Should Buy Organic

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Protect yourself from disease-causing chemicals by buying these organic foods.

The cost of food is rising fast. And when it comes to organic it’s even worse. In fact, feeding your family nothing but organic foods can easily double or triple your grocery bill. Unfortunately, not many can afford this luxury.

Nevertheless, it is possible to get the “best of both worlds” as you’ll soon discover. And before we get into that, you have to appreciate why and when it’s important to buy organic in the first place.

For the most part, when you buy organic you’re getting a higher quality product. It’s free of dangerous chemicals and pesticides. More importantly, it’s not genetically modified (GMO). The latter point is critical because GMO’s are everywhere in our food supply. And while the experts insist they’re safe, the studies seem to tell a different story.

To be fair to both sides, the jury is still out. But my motto is (and one I recommend you adopt) why risk it? We know for sure that non GMO’s are not cancer causing. Doesn’t it make sense to stick to those as much as possible?

Now, if price wasn’t an issue it would be best if everything in your food cart was organic. But again, that’s not a reality for most people. With that said, there are foods you absolutely MUST buy organic and others you shouldn’t.

Apples are a prime example of the former. In fact, they’re rated as the #1 “dirtiest” food in terms of pesticide contamination. Others include lettuce and strawberries. On the other hand, fruits such as bananas and pineapples limit your exposure to harsh chemicals due to their thick skin which you obviously don’t eat. I believe they also need less pesticide to grow bug free.

The bottom line is, you can cut costs by splurging for certain foods while making the sacrifice for others. For a comprehensive list, visit

Alright, so let’s say your budget really doesn’t allow you to buy organic. What then? You have two options:

  1. Buy local. There are farmer’s markets everywhere. And while many of these farms aren’t certified organic by the USDA (it can be prohibitively expensive for small operations to join this program) their products are just as good – if not better – than the organic ones you’ll find at the supermarket. It’s important to establish a relationship with a local farmer. You should even visit them to see how they grow the food and treat the animals. To find a farm near you, visit
  2. Use a vegetable wash. And while its effectiveness has been debated (i.e. it’s not certain this does more than rinsing with tap water) again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially since it’s easy to make and use. Visit this wiki for simple instructions.

In the end, taking the time to make better food choices (as well as spending a bit more money where it’s called for) will go a long way to keeping your body healthy and fit. As they say, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own – so be sure to treat it as such.

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  1. rita dorrington

    cut to the chase what is the number one product i should buy organic!!!! i don,t need a story on the issue

  2. Anne Longbrake

    I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!I don’t have time for the lengthy lectures.

    • Jo

      By the time I plow through all these articles and videos I could spend more than 24 hrs a week just doing that. Who has that kind of time? Just get to the point and furnish the details in the rest of the article. If it’s something I want to learn more about ill listen to or read the rest of the presentation. Usually I just delete this stuff because I don’t have time to even peruse it

  3. Is it apples? Your articles are informative and beneficial but too long.

  4. Pat Dilliner

    Sorry James…we are all in agreement. Cut to the chase.
    What is the answer??? Perhaps you forgot the “subject”…
    Help..make haste. Time is fleeting.

  5. Alfonzo

    I thought it was just me who felt your info is wordy! If you want to keep folks interested, get to the bottom line without a link for more words!!

  6. John Hayes

    I don’t understand why you make it so difficult to find the answer to what you are talking about. The last time I did this with you I spent much of my valuable time reading and listening to you guys and ended spending over 100 bucks on your related products. You are all after more and more money. I bought your original product and the next one. Am I now married to you?
    Just say it briefly and I might listen again!

    • Hi John,

      The reason why we recommend other plans is simply because people are asking us. They are interested in trying out other things all the time and James recommends only programs that are effective and complement the Cruise Control Diet. Of course, you do not have to follow up on any recommendation if you are not interested. These are just suggestions to help you achieve your goals both faster and easier.

      • I look forward to your morning connection/updates and learning the “whys” because that’s important information “to me”. The additional references you suggest are great too if I want to ck further. I’m glad I’m not trying to hurry this because it’s my “life” change. Thanks.

      • Hi James,

        The solution is really very simple. First, provide the info you promised right up front. Then, you can also provide the option for those who have nothing better to do with their time to click for added info. This should make ALL of your “CUSTOMERS” happy. However, I’m sensing that you are not willing to do this as it will decrease your revenue. However, think about this. Continuing as you are, you will both eventually lose those of us unhappy with this inconsiderate practice AND, we certainly will not recommend you to anyone. Something for you to consider.

        Tony Barberi

  7. John Hayes

    Be more specific. My time is too valuable to search for your wisdom. I value YOUR wisdom but make it short and “sweet”.

  8. Julie Beal

    I appreciate the informative nature of this article. I prefer to be educated about the things I am putting into my body, and I don’t mind reading the information.

    I feel that in this fast-paced, time-crunched world we live in, people tend to be looking for instant answers and are concerned when they are not immediately forthcoming. The result is that too often, people don’t care to read through important information carefully so that there is an understanding of the supporting evidence for the statement being made in the article.

    That being said, the answer to the number #1 food to buy organic is not hidden.

    In the article, paragraph 6 states that “Apples are a prime example of the former”, referring to the last sentence in paragraph 5. That sentence states two concepts, the first (former) being foods you MUST always buy organic, and the second (latter) being others that you shouldn’t buy organic (actually because you don’t need to, based on their natural traits.)

    Paragraph 6 goes on to state that apples are rated the #1 dirtiest food in terms of pesticide contamination.

    I don’t find this article to be overly lengthy, and I appreciate the explanation of the science behind the information being discussed. I know it takes time to read, but aren’t our bodies, our minds, and our health worth being educated about it rather than just wanting the “quick” answer?

    • Mona

      Our society is obsessed with instant gratification…read the article, yes actually read it and you’ll see the answer.

  9. This is SOOOOO Frustrating. I don’t want all the blah blah blah just give me the darn info you stinking headline!! I am going to unsubscribe to these the are SOOOOO infuriating!!!

    • Hi Tammy,

      The reason why we recommend other plans is simply because people are asking us. They are interested in trying out other things all the time and James recommends only programs that are effective and complement the Cruise Control Diet. Of course, you do not have to follow up on any recommendation if you are not interested. These are just suggestions to help you achieve your goals both faster and easier.

      • Hi James,

        I think you do a great job telling us what to eat and what not to eat. When I first got your email I was in tears. For someone to be concerned about me and help me with my eating habits made me feel great and that I can do this. I didn’t like veggie, and did not know how to cook some of the ones I see in the store; however, with the Cruise Control Diet book I now know how to cook my foods and I have a better understanding on how to lose my weight. Please keep writing me because your words are encouraging to me.

        Have a bless day,


    • Kathy Grafius

      Too many lazy people!

  10. Bob Kerns

    I too find the amount of detail frustrating and annoying. I feel like someone is trying to sell me a product although that is not always true. If a sales pitch is not the primary objective, then consider “backloading” the excess information for those who will actually appreciate it. I have found some of it to be interesting and helpful.

  11. Bonnie

    I am blocking future emails. I appreciate the info in the book but agree with everyone here. I don’t need blah, blah and already know pesticide foods to avoid or where to shop for good food. My weight is dropping and I’m good with that. Thank you James and good bye.

  12. Ellen

    James – I appreciate and find value in the information you take the time and patience to share via email! I also understand and acknowledge what some of the people are saying in their email responses and realize that we all have different writing styles. I also urge and encourage you to continue to share the info. that I find to be of tremendous help! Thanks for the work you do!!

  13. Bob Hawley

    There’s no such word as “alright.” It’s all right.

  14. David Epps

    I agree with the consensus on emails being to wordy and time consuming. As a working person , I have limited time to continue by visiting other links. I agree that answers to subject are given on emails but it takes a long time to get there.I do enjoy the updates but get frustrated by the format …cut to the chase is what I have seen comments from your customers.

  15. DJ

    Too many words, and NOT enough information!!!! One word would do it in most cases. Very few active people have unlimited time to watch your LONG clips! Leane to get to the point, or let someone else post for you!!!

  16. Laura

    I’m with the others – it’s a whole of said to learn one thing! Your headlines are short but to get the answer it’s like undigging a grave or something – time consuming – time I DON’T have. Keep it short James…we get it!!

  17. Patricia

    Hi James, I agree with most of the others, love the info, but find I have to jump through too many hoops to get it and for the record u am not a lazy person. I agree that you should consider changing your format by putting the information that is stated in your headline right up front, that way people who don’t require all the blah blah blahs can get the information and put it to work in their lives!

  18. Danny Stover

    Add me to the list of folks who feel these emails are superfluous. Also, I’d like to see a search function added to the site to find particular topics and with links to the information contained about them. Please eliminate or at least be concise with the, dare I say, “word-diahrrea”. Thanks for listening and I hope to see some changes.

  19. Nita

    I work over 50 hrs. a week. I like the program and I’m losing weight… but I don’t have time for the lengthy emails. Please shorten them so I will have time to read them and the information I need. Thanks

  20. S. G. Thompson

    I ordered and paid for your Cruise Control Diet book. Please do not send one more thing. I live on a very sm fixed income and can not pay for one more item. Please Thank you

  21. It’s been said”too lengthy”. I’d like to know if weight loss is contingent on taking the probiotics? I bought 1 bottle, not sure I can afford it. Also, nothing is mentioned about onions and quinoa. Are they good for us?

    • Hi Eileen,

      The Cruise Control Diet Core Program is the main book that thousands are using to lose weight and improve their lives. Some readers, however, prefer to watch the DVD, some people don’t even read books. Others are interested in natural supplements to add to their diet.

      I want to make sure that you do not have a misunderstanding – the diet is very effective on it’s own and is meant to be implemented only with foods found in your local supermarket. No supplements or additional products are required to implement it.

      Onions are fine to have. We do not recommend quinoa. However, the program is very loose and even if you break a few rules, it will still work if you follow the program overall. If you really like it, you can have it from time to time and not count it as a cheat meal.

      • Janet

        I am following the Cruise Control eating plan.
        I feel really good.

        • howard

          I agree Janet. Of all of the many years that I have been trying to find a way to become healthy, this lifestyle change, I know, will work…That is, IF I am serious (and I am)and stick to it.

          Thank you James Ward!

  22. Ledorna C Israel

    Hello, please continue sending those emails. Maybe I will start my cruise control dieting when I get all the information. Hopefully I will start with the right foods and not beat myself to find out in your mails that I ate the wrong food…

  23. Is watermelon good or bad. And what is the answer to the one thing we should buy organic.

  24. anthony

    Is popcorn ok to snack on ?

    Is cooked apples ok to eat.

    I do a shake for lunch is that ok ? 1 banana, protein power, less than 1 gram sugar, organic almond milk, 0 sugar.

    thanks for your help. Tony

    • Hi Anthony,

      You can have popcorn as part of your cheat meal. You should stay away from bananas. You should eat apples uncooked.

      The protein shake is not a whole foods breakfast – it is manufactured, highly processed and even though you can’t find sugar in it, it probably has a sugar substitute of some kind. Almond milk might be OK but regular milk is not.

      It is best if you stick to a real whole foods breakfast so you can get results faster. After that, when you are the desired weight you could reintroduce that specific breakfast and see if it affects you.

  25. Julie

    Just got the book and haven’t finished reading it yet, and I’m regret opening my email every day. I know I need to read what you sent to me, but geez. I work 40 + hours a week, My husband and I are raising a grand daughter. I don’t have that much time to read through all of the emails that are sent. Then to have to search to the information is not going to happen here. The information is good, but just make it a bit easier to get through. Send the links, because at sometime I will go back and read it all. Thanks

  26. Michael Woll

    REALLY don’t have the time to read to read through your e-mails. Just give the answers quickly right after you make a statement about what, or what not, to eat.

  27. are lentils approved on program?

    • Hi Patricia,

      James does not recommend legumes because of nutrients absorption issue. They will not interfere with weight loss if you like them. If you really enjoy it, you can have some from time to time without counting this as a cheat meal but wait until phase II.

  28. Denise

    I find the secret to success is knowledge . Thank you for providing it.

  29. Saundra Smith

    Haven’t received my book yet ??

  30. Pat Judkins

    I don’t like a scavenger hunt. Either present your information in one email or skip it. I’m not going searching for the “magical answers.” Maybe you could take some time to answer my question. I wrote you on 1/30/17 and never heard a word back. Cut down on the fun and games and answer your customer’s questions.

  31. Jane

    Hi James!

    What about the Zevia drinks with stevia extract? Are those ok? Also, is onion soup ok?

  32. Lester Davidson

    I am in accord with those who find your daily emails more than I have time for.

    Please mention important advise and get to the point in as few words as possible!!!!

    I receive about thirty emails daily and must delete non essential material,so please don’t
    be in this category!!!

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