The 2 Biggest Mistakes Making Your Back Pain Worse

December 5, 2017 | By | 2 Comments

*** This guest article is courtesy of my good friend (and former back pain sufferer) Emily Lark ***

Avoid these 2 biggest mistakes if you have back pain.

When back pain strikes, I see people making the same mistakes. In fact, I even made them myself for years not knowing they only made things worse:

Mistake #1: Trying to fight back pain by strengthening your back muscles

This is very common. However the vast majority of people don’t have back problems caused by a weak lower back. It’s due to a weak core. When your core is weak your lower back has to strain and work extra hard. The last thing you need to do is work it even more.

Know this, if you want to avoid pain in your back, hips, and knees… the secret is in your core.

Mistake #2: Resting your back

We’ve known for a long time that prolonged rest only makes your back more stiff and your muscles weaker.

I remember when my dad blew out his back. He quit everything from tennis to walking. I told him that he needed to start moving or it wasn’t going to get any better.

I’m not saying he needed to do anything intense. But he needed to start moving gently in order to bounce back much faster.

Forget about strenuous workouts after you strain your back. Nevertheless, you need to start trying a few surprising stretches.

I know this sounds radical, but if you back hurts I urge you to……

==> Try this 1 unlikely stretch that has been proven to wipe out sciatica and lower back pain


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  1. My back is a mess, that’s what the spine specialist said. I have spinalssto, my spine is going crooked and I have more arthritis then he’s ever seen in a back. It has been operated on twice. I keep moving, even in pain. He said if I don’t I won’t be able to move?

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