The Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

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If you’re not drinking green tea on a daily basis, here are several healthy reasons to start…

Knowing the benefits of green tea may convince you to add this beverage to your daily diet. This is a case where a small change in behavior can reap huge rewards for your health!

Green tea is high in a long list of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients but the most vital of its ingredients is the antioxidant it contains called catechin polyphenol.

This antioxidant is known to slow down the aging process and studies show that it may also fight the growth of cancer cells, lower blood pressure, and fight the build up of cavity-causing plaque on your teeth.

Green tea can lower your cholesterol, aid in digestion, and help to promote weight loss. The health boosting properties of this drink are well worth the small effort required to add it to your diet.

It is a rich source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and several B vitamins. It also contains manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

But not all green tea is created equal. Bottled green tea does not contain the antioxidants we are talking about and usually has a great deal of added sugar, making it a poor choice for health-conscious people. Green tea from Japan, brewed from loose tea leaves, appears to offer the most antioxidants.

Unless otherwise specified, green tea does contain caffeine. Natural green teas contain anywhere from 86 to 130 mg of caffeine per serving. Check the labels to see how much your tea contains. Some brands offer decaffeinated green tea. It’s important to read the labels and know what you’re getting.

Tea should be grown in a pristine environment because tea plants absorb metals and toxins from their surroundings. Because some tea bags (plastic and paper) may contain epichlorohydrin, a known carcinogen, it is best to purchase tea from manufacturers who can certify that their tea bags are epichlorohydrin-free. The alternative is to buy loose green tea and brew it yourself, skipping the bags altogether.

Finally, because green tea plants are known to absorb lead, it is best to buy your green tea from countries that are not dealing with high industrial air pollution, like China.


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  1. I’ve just ordered the CCdiet book. Since green tea is suppose to be a good beverage – how should it be prepared? Should we use sugar to sweeten it or simply brew it and drink it without sugar.

  2. Betty

    Why is honey not recommended for daily consumption? My daughter uses it all the time for cooking and baking.

  3. Ilse Taplin

    Why is honey not good for you James ? Or recommended? I sweeten my tea with honey !

  4. Delores Frank

    James, is Lipton green tea a reliable choice?

  5. Excellent Web-site, Continue the beneficial job. Thanks a lot!.

  6. Sue Wright

    Wouldn’t it be a better choice to drink decaf green tea
    Best to avoid caffeine?

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