1 Major Warning Sign You’re on the Wrong Diet

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If you experience this on your new diet, chances are it’s not working (and it’s not what you think)…

You could get on a different diet every month (for the rest of your life) and still not try them all. Your choices are literally endless. And with new ones popping up daily, that’s not about to change.

Given that, how do you go about finding the right one? More importantly, how do you know if the plan you’re on is actually working… and if you should stick to it or look for something else?

If you answered fast weight loss, you may be wrong. How can this be? After all, isn’t the point of going on a diet to lose weight? And preferably at a rapid rate?

While that may be true, it doesn’t mean you’re on the right plan. In fact, even if you are dropping pounds at a steady pace, there’s one warning sign (above everything else) that the diet you’re on is wrong for you.

And if you experience this on a regular basis, you should stop what you’re doing immediately because it’s not agreeing with your body.

I’m alluding to low energy levels. If you feel tired on your new diet, you’re either eating the wrong foods, not eating enough, or worse: a combination of both.

Let me explain…

Think of your body like a perfectly engineered automobile. And food as fuel. Now, when you put the right fuel in your car, it runs smoothly and lasts a long time. When you don’t, well… it doesn’t.

Likewise, being on the wrong diet is like putting diesel in a car that burns gasoline (or vice versa). It just won’t run.The same thing happens to some degree with your body.

Having said that, don’t confuse low energy levels with irritability and/or cravings. It’s natural to feel these any time you clean up your eating habits. It’s all part of the detoxification and cleansing process. However, these should either disappear completely or severely diminish after a few weeks.

If they don’t, something’s wrong.

So, now that you know that energy levels are the true benchmark of a proper diet, here’s how you can actually quantify them. And sure, you know whether or not you feel tired. But this little trick will truly inform you that you’re on the right track.

Carry a pedometer with you at all times. If the number of steps you’re taking each day are steadily rising, your diet is working. All that extra body fat you’re carrying is being burned for fuel. And this causes you to move. Furthermore, it comes natural (i.e. you want to get out and about; you don’t have to force yourself to do so).

Now, if you notice that you’re not moving more after a few weeks on your new plan, it’s time to take inventory of your eating habits. Are you eating enough? Are you eating the right foods? How do you feel after meals? Energized or tired and cranky?

By listening to your body (and with a little help from a pedometer) you can ensure you’re on point with your plan. After all, it knows better than anyone else what’s best for you. So, pay close attention and do exactly what it’s telling you.

5 Foods to Never Eat (If You Want a Flat Stomach)

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  1. david e. modde

    Trying to look at and listen to your five foods propaganda video, is so lengthy and distracting it is almost impossible to get to the end of it. I was unable to figure out what the 5 foods are except the obvious one in the first picture, the banana and orange juice.

  2. Sharon

    I haven’t lost an ounce!

    • Hi Sharon and thanks for writing in,

      To start, can you please tell me how much total weight you need to lose?

      Next, how are your energy levels throughout the day? And finally, do you do any kind of exercise?

      Next, I’d like you to carefully read this article and tell me if any parts of it apply to you:


      Finally, can you please describe what your typical day of eating looks like (type and amount of food eaten, portions, times of the day, snacks, drinks, and finally, how much times goes by before you get hungry again?)

      Please give me a detailed response and we’ll figure out what’s wrong and get you going.

  3. Marsha

    I am losing great. I have lost 23 lbs since my start date.I went on vacation and had a bit of a gain which I got off by getting right back on track. Energy levels are still not where I would like them but I feel they will get there .I have been on the Cruise control plan for 6 weeks now. It has not been a struggle and I am feeling better.I would recommend it to anyone who is having trouble losing weight and sticking to the plan.

    • Hi Marsha,

      Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Marsha. I too have been on the Cruse Control Diet and have followed the book to a “T”. I have lost
      9 pounds but my diabetic numbers are still all over the board. I am getting bored with the foods I am eating, especially eggs, and thinking of going off the diet. Could you please tell me additional foods you eat and still feeling energized and wanting to be on the diet.

      Congratulations for your results.

      Nancy Lewinsky

      • Julie Urbank

        I eat chicken, beef, turkey, mashed cauliflower, broccoli, mushroom scramble, pork chops, salads. I stay clear of carbs, like cookies, candy, cake, potatoes, bread. I am on the 8th week of the CCD. I fast 4 days a week, meaning, I eat a good dinner at around 5:30 pm, and I don’t eat again until 12:30 or 1:00 the next day. I started the diet in early February, 2016, and I’ve lost 17 pounds. Just try to eat a protein, and lots of vegetables at each meal, and avoid carbs, other than low glycemic fruit, like apples, pears, strawberries, and you’ll lose the weight. My energy has doubled at least. Good luck!

  4. Debbie Hooker

    I haven’t lost any weight since we started adding cheat meals

  5. Jackie Winn

    Hi James, I received my information and started my diet on Sunday..it is now Thursday. I have been eating a boiled egg and a few walnuts with cup of coffee for breakfast; steamed cabbage with turkey sausage for lunch; and a green salad with grilled chicken for dinner. I have an apple about 4 p.m. for a snack. I keep almonds in my drawer at work if I HAVE to have something extra. I also take L-glutamine. However, I have actually GAINED 3 pounds. I can feel it in my clothes and lower stomach area. Any ideas?????? I’m very frustrated. I have high cholesterol and borderline diabetic. I am 5’3″ and weigh 118 lbs. That may not sound like a lot, but I have always been around 105, and I have a very small frame.

  6. Rosalie Eidt

    Hi James,

    I am just finishing my Bootcamp and have kept it to the tee except moving the odd meal around. I have lost 24 pounds. If I want to lose more should I repeat the boot camp or just use some of the othe recipes in the other book as well as doing some fasting?

  7. I have the cruise control book. I’m confused what plan I should follow to begin
    With. Your weeks meal plans or zero cooking plan. I want to lose fast.

    • Nadia Karanastasis

      Hi Rose,

      You can start with the two weeks meal plan and after the two weeks you can pick meals from the zero cooking plan or any of the other meals that are suggested.

      Wishing you a great start!

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