3 Fatty Foods That Can Make You Thin

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Eating fat won’t make you fat. In fact, just the opposite is true. Here are 3 fatty foods you should incorporate into your diet immediately…

When it comes to weight loss, many still believe that you should be limiting fat. After all, it has more calories than either carbs or protein (9 vs. 4 and 4, respectively). Given that, logic tells you that the less fat you consume, the faster you’ll drop the pounds. But that’s not how it actually works. In fact, if you want to lose weight as fast as possible – you should eat plenty of fat – much more than the experts recommend.

Now, I know this sounds counter-intuitive (perhaps crazy) but hear me out nonetheless. And by the time you’re finished with this article, you’ll understand exactly why fatty foods should be the staple of your diet whether you’re trying to lose weight or just stay fit.

For starters, fat keeps you full. This is very important because, not only will you consume less food over time, you’ll actually have fewer cravings between meals. The end result? You’ll snack less, avoid bad calories, and slim down much faster.

Next, fat is essential for hormone production and the uptake of certain vitamins. If you don’t eat enough you can end up with nutritional deficiencies and a hormonal system that’s completely out of whack. This will only cause you to crave more, eat more, and eventually get fatter. Again, if you want to be thin, eat plenty of fat.

With that said, it’s time to make an important distinction. There are healthy fats and extremely unhealthy fats. The latter will not only cause your belly to grow, they’ll destroy your health in general. These should be avoided like the plague and include:

  • Man-made trans fats
  • Most vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean, rapeseed)

Generally, if the fat is found in nature (e.g. animal) and it’s unprocessed, it’s most likely good for you. So, here are a few of the best examples.

Grass-fed beef. By feeding cows their natural diet, farmers are able to grow leaner animals. The benefit to you is that when you eat a grass-fed steak, it’s has fewer calories than a conventionally, grain-fed one. The end result is that you get a higher satisfaction from your meal while aiding weight loss.

Better still, grass-fed beef has a much better omega-3 to omega-6 ratio than its grain-fed counterpart. This is extremely important because of its anti-inflammatory properties (something that will protect you from heart disease and other ailments). In fact, eating this type of red meat is likened to eating fish. Yes, it’s that good for you.

The only drawback is its price. But you know what? It’s worth it: your health should be your #1 priority. Cut back on everything else if you have to (entertainment, typical consumer items, etc.) in order to feed yourself the best stuff.

Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Again, loaded with heart-healthy omega-3’s, these are the perfect example of a food that can keep you full. In fact, I recommend this to all of my readers when starting the Cruise Control Diet. Eating nuts, especially after meals, will drastically decrease cravings for unhealthy snacks until it’s time to eat again.

Olive oil. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Mediterranean diet and how it’s beaten out every other diet in terms of health and longevity. Well, one of the main foods of the Italians and Greeks is olive oil. They plaster the stuff on almost everything.

It’s tasty, really good for your heart (and body as a whole), and makes for a mean salad dressing. In fact, with a little red wine vinegar you never have to splurge for those sugar-loaded store-bought salad dressings. You’ll better your health, trim your waistline, and do it without shrinking your wallet.

And while there are many more fatty foods that can make you thin, these are my top 3. You should incorporate them into your diet immediately. Furthermore, you should seek out others to eat on a regular basis. Remember, if it’s found in nature, is unprocessed, and if from an animal, the latter is fed its natural diet, you should eat and eat it often.

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  1. Karen Anderson

    Can I eat Worcestershire sauce and pastrami

    • Hi Karen,

      Worcestershire sauce does have added sugar, if used sparingly and not often, it is fine to have. Pastrami is fine to have, if possible, ask your local butcher for a nitrate-free variety. Nitrates will not affect your weight-loss goals, however, if you cannot access a nitrate-free brand.

  2. John Moore

    Just starting. I am a white tail deer hunter. I assume venison is a great choice of meat. Is that correct?

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further post thank you once again.

  4. Can I use balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar?

  5. Peter

    Can I use honey?

    • Hi Peter,

      Although a natural product, honey is found as a rare food in nature and should be consumed as such only rarely. We recommend honey as a natural sweetener from time to time but not daily and without overindulging.

      Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

  6. Peggy

    I would like to have a list of foods that would be acceptable for this diet. I do have your book, but I would feel a lot better if I knew what would be best.

    • Hi Peggy,

      You can have meat, fish, seafood, eggs, veggies, nuts, fruit, soup and salad.

      • Judy Kingrea

        I do not eat meat, eggs, seafood. What can I eat besides veggies, nuts and fruit. If grains are not good? I like to eat cereal with almond milk once a day?

        • Hi Judy,

          The recipes in the Cookbook are not required by any means. They are simply suggestions and ideas for meals. We have many people allergic to various foods. Some are even vegetarians.

          The most important thing is understanding the fundamental principles of the Core Program. More specifically, the types of foods you can eat and which to avoid like the plague. Once you know and understand these principles, this whole process becomes intuitive and you can easily substitute for foods you are allergic to or simply to not enjoy.

          Here are some breakfast ideas that do no involve eggs:

          Two Avocados

          Avocados are one of those super foods that can be eaten as is, without cooking. They are very caloric and will feel you up until lunch time. In fact, two avocados provide about 500 calories. Remember, the reason I am giving you the calories is not because we are looking for low calorie breakfasts. Just the opposite: we want a lot of good calories that will satisfy you and give you the energy to go through your day.

          How to choose avocados.

          Avocados are ready to eat when you center feels firm, but the two ends are staring to get soft. If the whole fruit feels soft, it’s too late. It will taste overripe and horrible. If the ends are not slightly soft, it needs a day or two more to ripen. When you buy avocados, choose the ones the are firm and let them ripen in at home.

          How to eat the avocado:
          Take a knife and cut the fruit in half ending with two long halves, one of which will contain the pit. Scoop out the pit with a spoon. Scoop and eat the avocado straight from the shell with the spoon.

          Yoghurt With Walnuts And Berries

          People respond to dairy differently, therefore, you have to try for yourself and see how often you can have this breakfast. It is the classic yoghurt with berries of your choice and crushed walnuts. It is better to use only whole milk yoghurt and one with live cultures (e.g. Greek yoghurt). Make sure the yoghurt is unflavored, with no sweeteners or fruits added.

          Shrimp or Prawns

          Here is another quick breakfast snack. Boiled shrimps or prawns. You can boil them the night before and have them ready in the fridge. They are not very caloric and will not feel you up for long. However, they will add a lot of variety to your breakfast menu if you have them from time to time. These are also good for afternoon snacks.

          Smoked Fish

          Some love it, other hate it. If you are one of those people that does like smoked fished, why not have it at breakfast. This is probably one of the healthiest breakfasts one can eat.


          smoked fish of your choice
          1 small cucumber
          1 ripe tomato
          a slice of feta
          4-5 olives

          Simply serve yourself a piece of smoked fish of your choice and garnish with the rest of the ingredients. You can drizzle the feta and tomatoes with olive oil and sprinkle salt and oregano on top.

          Turkish Breakfast


          ham slices
          4-5 olives
          1 tomato
          any yellow cheese of your choice
          1 boiled egg ( you can omit the egg)
          parsley to garnish

          This breakfast goes really well with a cup of hot tea. A side note about the cheese – different people respond different to dairy. If you are not sure, keep dairy to a minimum. Ultimately, you’d have to try out for yourself to see if it interferes with your weight loss.

          Baked Acorn Squash with Cinnamon

          This recipe is ideal for people with a sweet tooth or those who are used to having a sweet every morning. Acorn squash has a natural sweetness that won’t interfere with your weight loss and cinnamon is one of those spices that actually accelerates weight loss.

          Preheat the oven at 400F. Cut the squash in two, scoop out the seeds and place in a baking pan with the cut side facing up. Add about ¼ inch of water to the pan to prevent the skin from drying. Bake for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the squash can easily be penetrated with a fork.

          Take out and sprinkle with cinnamon. Allow to cool. Eat directly with a spoon.

          Any type of squash or pumpkin can be used in this recipe. The only thing that might very is the cooking time. Just check with your fork from time to time to see if ready.

          Now, who has an hour to prepare breakfast, right? You can bake this before hand and have it ready to go. It can be reheated.

          Non-grain “Cereal”

          Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of important nutrients. Why not start the day with them. This recipe is for those hard core cereal breakfast eaters. Instead of cereal, fill you bowl with any or all of the following:

          pumpkin seeds
          sunflower seeds
          sliced almonds

          Instead of regular milk, try almond or coconut milk (make sure u buy a brand that is natural and has not have added sugars). Note: do not be tempter to put dried fruits like raisins. These are not a good way to start the day as they have too much sugar. Stick with fresh berries or apple slices. Stay away from bananas as well.

          Breakfast Sausage with Tomatoes

          Get a brand of breakfast sausages that is not too sweet and serve it tomatoes + mozzarella slices. Add basil leaves on top.

    • Jean Root

      I can’t find any comments about cheese on this program except for the suggestion that feta cheese be used as a salad topping.

      • Hi Jean,

        Dairy is a grey area. Many people are affected by it while others eat it and still get results.

        You just have to try it out for yourself. If you eat dairy products and are still seeing results, no need to cut it out. If you don’t get the results you are looking for, cut out the dairy for a few weeks and see if that was affecting you.

  7. Peggy

    I enjoy brown rice. Is that something that would be ok and if so, how much and the frequency?

    • Hi Peggy,

      Rice is not recommended. You can have it on cheat meals only. If you miss pasta, there is a great product in some supermarkets (Whole Foods Supermarkets have it here in Massachusetts) that is called Shirataki Noodles. These are made form the roots of a plant and are allowed on the CCD. They are found in the refrigerated section next to the Tofu items usually. You can also get them online.

  8. Can I have a bit of friut, like clementines, during Phase 1?

    • Hi Kirk,

      We recommend only having 1-2 fruits a day maximum. Good fruits to have are hard, crunchy with lots of chewing, and sour such as grapefruit, apples, hard pears, any type of berries.

  9. Tamrae

    Are grapes a no no? Phase one

    • Nik Takano

      Hi Tamrae,

      We recommend only having 1-2 fruits a day maximum. Good fruits to have are hard, crunchy with lots of chewing, and sour such as grapefruit, apples, hard pears, any type of berries.

  10. Laura

    What about eating olives ?

  11. Nancy

    I’m gluten and dairy free. I feel like I’m going to get very bored with chicken, fish, eggs and meat. I also eat Kosher, so many of your suggestions don’t pertain to me!
    I started today, and I hope to succeed.
    As for cheat foods, I never indulged or binged.
    Sugar was my weakness in the form of dressings.
    I’m thrilled to have this venue as it is my support group!
    Thanks for being there for all of us!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the update. You can also have veggies and fruit. I am sure that you will do great with the program. Be sure to update us on your progress and please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are here to help.

      Wishing you a great start!

  12. Robin Potash

    What about butter? And can I use agave nectar in moderation since it is considered low glycemic index?

    • Hi Robin,

      Yes, butter is allowed.

      Agave is not recommended as it is essentially a high fructose non-corn syrup. Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

  13. Gretchen

    Can u eat bananas on this diet. I saw a comment where it said to stay away from bananas?

    • Hi Gretchen,

      You should stay away from bananas.

      Bananas and other soft and sweet fruits are not recommended. Any type of berry and as well as crunchy fruits are allowed.

  14. Roberta Johnson

    Can we have hot peppers? My husband makes homemade salsa from hot peppers, fresh on the vine tomatoes, fresh garlic, a little salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and celontro. It’s very natural and good. But I want to know is it ok

  15. Dinora Abrego

    What kind of mayonnaise can I use? What about mustard?

  16. Belinda Directo

    Hi, are protein shakes made with water allowed?

    • Hi Belinda,

      The protein shake is not a whole foods breakfast – it is manufactured, highly processed and even though you can’t find sugar in it, it probably has a sugar substitute of some kind.

      It is best if you stick to a real whole foods breakfast so you can get results faster. After that, when you are the desired weight you could reintroduce that specific breakfast and see if it affects you.

      Wishing you a great start!

  17. eliane smiley

    Are pistachios a good nut for cruise control?

    Is grapeseed oil another good oil?

    • Hi Elaine,

      Pistachios are a great choice of nuts. Nuts and seeds are highly recommended on the Cruise Control Diet in unlimited quantities. However, do not put chocolate or dried fruit in your mix or this will count as a cheat snack.

      Best oils to use:
      · Olive

      · Flaxseed

      · Avocado

      · Walnut

      · Sesame

      · Grapeseed

      · Cocount

      · Macadamia

      You should avoid Canola oil or oils labeled as partially hydrogenated as most partially hydrogenated oils are made from vegetable oils like soybean or cottonseed.

  18. Lisa

    I bought your book and many of your recipes require avocado. What can I substitute the avocado with.


    • Nadia Karanastasis

      Hi Lisa,

      You can substitute avocado with any other foods that are on the list. Wishing you a great start and a happy new year!

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