5 Foods That Fight Arthritis

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Fight the pain of arthritis with these 5 superfoods…

Arthritis is a common ailment in older folks. In fact, if you’re over 50, chances are you too have some kind of ache in your joints. And while there are over 100 types of arthritis, they all share similar symptoms: pain caused by inflammation that makes it harder for you to get around.

As such, decreasing inflammation is a key strategy to keeping arthritis at bay. And while there are several medications that do just that, your diet also plays a very important role. The right foods can not only soothe flareups but prevent them as well.

With that said, let’s examine 5 of the best arthritis fighting foods you should be eating often…

Arthritis Fighter #1: Salmon. Fatty fish such as salmon and sardines are loaded with omega 3’s and vitamin D. The latter are strong anti-inflammatory substances that keep your joints (and most every other part of your body) healthy.

Try to have these at least twice per week. Also, if you’re going to eat salmon, opt for the wild-caught kind over the farm raised. It’s a tad more expensive but you’re getting a much higher quality food. Better still, stick to sardines. These small fish are lower in the food chain and contain much less mercury as a result.

Finally, spend some time in the sun – the best source of vitamin D possible.

Arthritis Fighter #2: Tart Cherries. Both delicious and healthy, these nutritional powerhouses are packed with anti-oxidants. Animal studies conducted at the University of Michigan have shown these fruits to reduce inflammation by up to 50%. Further studies done on humans have proven cherries to be potent pain relievers.

But that’s not all…

You see, inflammation isn’t just bad for your joints. It causes heart disease as well. So eat these cherries often and not only will you stay mobile, you’ll keep your ticker beating strong as well.

Arthritis Fighter #3: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. This stuff seems to be good for everything – most of all your joints. Here’s why: it contains oleocanthal which blocks the enzymes involved in inflammation.

You can use olive oil to cook all kinds of food. But one of the best ways to include it in your diet is salad dressing. Simply mix it with some red wine vinegar and add some salt, pepper, and oregano. The end result will be a delicious home-made mix you can pour on your vegetables that is both healthier and cheaper than anything you can buy at the store.

Arthritis Fighter #4: Green Peppers. These tasty veggies are loaded with vitamin C. The latter plays a key role in collagen formation. And as you already know, collagen forms cartilage – the stuff that keeps your bones from rubbing together (and ultimately healthy).

Of course, green peppers aren’t the only food that contain lots of vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits pack plenty of the stuff as well. So, add some variety to your diet and get it from as many sources as possible.

However, here’s a word of warning as far as vitamin C is concerned: don’t supplement because studies have shown that long-term, high-dose vitamin C supplements may make arthritis worse!

Arthritis Fighter #5: Green Tea. No article on anti-oxidants and inflammation would be complete without some reference to green tea. And while not technically a “food” – this beverage deserves special mention of its own.


Simple: it’s flowing with anti-oxidants that promote all kinds of good things in your body – one of which is relieving arthritis. Furthermore, green tea is proven to help you lose weight. By shedding the pounds, you’re taking pressure off your joints. As such, this beverage improve arthritis both directly and indirectly.

In fact, all of these foods come with that dual benefit. That’s because they’re whole foods that aid the weight loss process. If you’re filling up on these nutrient dense foods, you’re eating less processed junk. And not only will this keep your joints happy, it will keep you slim and healthy as well.

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  1. Mary Bockmon

    Thank you for the valuable information you have shared and I am changing my way of eating from the information in your book and I have lost at least 10lbs. Thank you!

  2. funmilayo Jimoh-Tiamiyu

    I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria. Pls I need this programme. How do I go about it in other to get it at d discount rate $39:99? Tnx

  3. Peggy Mueller

    When making the salad dressing above, if raw apple cider vinegar with the “mother” is used, this also helps in healing. I found it at Albertsons.

  4. Betty Heisey

    Thanks, I will try these as I have ARTHRITIS in all my body except my left hip. That will only be 6 years old in Dec,

  5. Patt

    Thank you for all the great recipes & informative updates.
    My husband has just told he needs to change his diet for many health reason. High Cholesterol is one of them.
    My main concern is with all your products you sell for trying to lose weight. I have watched many of your videos, all selling something different at the end claiming to do all the same thing! How would I know if your product would be good for him without conflicting with his medicine?
    Thank you for your help.
    Part S.

  6. Christie

    I joined a while back but didn’t receive my materials, thought it might be that this is such a hit that you might be overwhelmed. Thanks so much for all you do and my sugar level has been great within normal range. I do notice I do feel sleepy if I go back and eat pasta. That is my one weakness. Sugar isn’t as hard for me have cut that back a while back. We Italians love our pasta. Thanks again and looking forward to getting the cookbook and the rest of the materials.

  7. Mike Holland

    What is the best kind of wine to drink

  8. Cheryl Mittry

    Just received your book. Interesting reading and so contrary to what I have always thought was “healthy” and cholestoral lowering and weight loss effective. I plan to start today with the no sugar detoxing and get my groceries for the week.

  9. gail geenen

    I am now at fighting weight. I feel healthy and ready to have my 70th birthday with family and grandchildren in Hawaii.
    Thanks for your great diet and advice.

  10. Nancy Eitler

    The one thing that works better than any of these is: 1 cup hot water, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 teaspoon cinnamon – drink 1 or 2 times per day consistency and they say it is a cure. I works!!!

  11. Tammie Mayer

    Is this a place to ask questions about CCL?


    all mustards ok or some better than others

    • Nadia Karanastasis

      Hi James,

      All mustards are fine to have as long as they do not contain honey in them.

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