6 Foods That Can Clear Up Brain Fog – Almost Instantly

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Memory loss happens naturally as we age but these 6 foods may not only slow it down, they can actually reverse the process (almost immediately)…

Finding yourself a bit forgetful as you get older? While that’s natural to some extent, you can slow down the process. Better still, you can reverse it and improve your memory – very fast – simply by sprucing up your diet. So, if your brain needs a bit of a boost, just add the following 6 foods to your weekly diet and watch your cognitive abilities soar.

Salmon, sardines, and nuts: these are packed with essential omega-3’s fats. Eating them on a regular basis will go a long way to keeping your brain (and heart) healthy into old age. In fact, studies have shown that people with low levels of omega-3’s have brains that look 2 years older on MRI scans than those without a deficiency.

Then there’s vitamin B12 – another nutrient of which low levels can lead to memory loss. Getting plenty of this one is easy – especially if you’re a fan of “sea fruits”. So, load up on your clams, oysters, and mussels, and have yourself a feast.

Want more? Here you go: sprinkle olive oil on your salads for some extra omega-3’s (and rich flavor too). And if you like dairy, you’re in for a treat! Yogurt and cheese pack plenty of B12.

At the end of the day, if you eat a lot of real, whole foods, you won’t need to worry about memory loss, brain fog, or many other signs of aging. You’ll be giving your body what it needs to repair and sustain itself well into your later years. So, ditch the processed junk and get on a natural, health kick.

Need another reason to go whole? Weight loss. That’s right, the pounds and inches will literally melt off when you cut the artificial crap from your diet. So, if the prospect of a faster brain isn’t enough to motivate you, perhaps a slimmer waistline will. Now, get to it…

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  4. Kay I Ray

    2 fruits not mentioned anywhere are bananas and grapes.What can you tell me about them on the plan?

    • Hi Kay,

      We recommend only having 1-2 fruits a day maximum. Good fruits to have are hard, crunchy with lots of chewing, and sour such as grapefruit, apples, hard pears, any type of berries. You should stay away from bananas and grapes.

  5. Veronica Erickson

    I got your book n really love it. So good I am 94 n trim 100lbsI want to help my daughter to shed lbs. cannot by any products u suggest but maybe she will.Thank U so much!!!!

  6. Jill Nuckolls

    What is an example of a good yogurt?

    • Hi Jill,

      Make sure that if you do choose dairy products that you stick with the full-fat varieties and avoid any fat-free or reduced fat variants. With products like yogurt, you will want to avoid any with added sugars. Yogurts with mixed fruits are alright to have in moderation.

  7. Joyce Sato

    I am disappointed that all of this information is the hour long talk I heard in the beginning of this process. I hope the book has more specific information about eating healthy and loosing pounds in targeted areas, naturally. Thank you.

    • Nadia Karanastasis

      Hi Joyce,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I apologize but that is just how they have set up the program. I do not know why the videos are so long and why you have to watch the whole thing to get the answer. I know that we are working on this matter so that the videos can be shorter and more precise and have the answer be more evident.

      The Cruise Control Diet is a whole-foods approach to weight loss and overall health. It’s a simple, yet highly effective program with 4 general rules:

      Eat natural foods that help your body to burn fat.

      Avoid processed, packaged, and other foods that cause your body to store fat.

      Treat yourself to some “guilty pleasures” (e.g. chocolate, cookies, candy) from time to time so you don’t feel restricted.

      Most importantly, don’t count calories, calculate points, keep food journals, or attempt “artificial” portion controls. Instead, let your body’s natural hunger instinct guide how much (and when) you should eat.

      While the first 3 rules are common to any sensible weight reduction plan, the fourth one is what sets the Cruise Control Diet apart from other programs. It’s also the secret behind its success.

      If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know that losing the weight is the “easy” part. Keeping it off is the actual challenge. And the reason for that is simple: most plans burden you with too many rules and restrictions. Naturally, you can’t stick with them long-term (and eventually gain back every pound lost).

      However, when you’re relying on your body’s natural instinct for weight control – rather than forced willpower – dropping the pounds becomes practically effortless. This allows you to stay on the program for life, so once the weight comes off, it’s gone for good.

      Wishing you a great start!

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