Fastest Way to Lose Stomach Fat for Women

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Listen up ladies: here’s the fastest way to lose stomach fat and it only requires a small sacrifice…

Are you looking to take a few inches off your belly, tighten and tone those trouble spots, and just get fitter overall?

You are? That’s good because you’re in the right place. I’m going to give you a tip – that if followed – will give you dramatic fat loss results. That’s no exaggeration, either.

In fact, you’ll see these results in as little as a week and you’ll continue to make fast progress as long as you do what I suggest.

Excited? Great – you should be because you’re about to discover the fastest way to lose stomach fat. With that said, let’s get to the meat of the matter…

Now, you already know that liquid calories are your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. But if you’re like most people, the term “liquid calories” conjures up images of sodas and sugary coffee concoctions found at Starbucks. And while that’s true (meaning, the latter do indeed lead to big amounts of weight again) that’s not what I’m referring to.

Nope – there’s actually something even more sinister than soda. And you know why? Because you (and many other women) believe it’s healthy. As such, you’re likely to indulge far more than you should.

So, what is this forbidden substance that packs on the pounds?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m referring to the all-too-popular fruit smoothie. That’s right; smoothies – no matter how healthy they appear to be – are suicide for your fat loss goals. And here’s why…

Fruit is very nutritious. It’s loaded with vitamins and all kinds of antioxidants that keep you looking young and ward off disease. With that said, it’s more than possible to get too much of a good thing. And that’s exactly what happens when you take a perfectly healthy food and consume it in large quantities.

Now, I realize that juicing has been touted as the epitome of health but it’s just not true. And again, it has to do with volume. You would never eat one orange, one apple, one pear, and one grapefruit in a single sitting, would you? Of course not! You’d get full long before you could finish all that fruit. And that’s the way nature indented things to be.

And do you know why? Because too much fruit is bad for you. It’s true – and there’s a very good reason this: fructose. Fruit is full of this sugar (hence the reason it’s also referred to as fruit sugar). In small quantities it’s OK. But when you start downing smoothies at the start of your day, you’re ruining your body’s ability to quickly burn stomach fat.

So, what is it about fructose that makes it so bad in big amounts?

Simple – unlike its cousin glucose which can be used for energy by every tissue of your body – fructose can only be used by your liver. And once it gets there, there are essentially two roads it can take. It can be converted to glucose (and hence made available to the rest of your cells) or it can be converted to fat.

Your glycogen stores dictate which path it will follow. If they’re empty, it will become glucose. But if they’re full, it’s headed for fat city. And they will be full more often than not if you’re drinking smoothies on a regular basis.

Now, I understand they’re hard to give up. After all, they taste good. But you want that flat stomach, don’t you? With that said, here’s a little more incentive to abstain: too much fructose over time can lead to all kinds of diseases (e.g. metabolic syndrome and diabetes). So, it’s not just an issue of vanity. This is your health we’re talking about!

As such, ditch the smoothies and replace them with something more nutritious. If it’s your regular breakfast food, have an egg or a full omelet. If you’re drinking it to quench your thirst, reach for a bottle of water instead. By doing this, you’ll get noticeable fat loss results in as little as a week. From there, just keep it up (while continuing to clean up your diet) and you’ll have that flat stomach in no time.

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  1. Hatie Hunt

    Re the 1/2 grapefruit for breakfast. You did not mention whether it matters if it is a red or white grapefruit. Does it matter

  2. Anna F

    I’m on a statin medication for high cholesterol. With statin meds you can’t have grapefruit. I’ve got my cholesterol down below 200 and now only take meds every other day but what do you substitute for grapefruit?

    • Carole M

      Hey! Anna F ~ I take cholesterol meds, too, so have to skip eating my fav fruit, grapefruit. BUT, I am planning NOT to have to take this med any more, once I lose this excess fat ~ :>) I’ll be keeping tabs on it, along with my doctor and the labs she does, to see if I can get my cholesterol back under control. (It was over 300!!) Being older and having gained some excess pounds, I’m counting on it by following the Cruise Control Diet! :>)
      Good luck on your weight-loss, too, and getting into shape!

  3. Stevie Doughty

    I like a smoothie for it’s convenience.

    I make it at home with almond milk ( unseeetened) a plant based protein powder ( Purely inspired Organic protein…per serving: 20 protein, 7 fiber, 2 g sugar, no sweeteners, colors or flavors), frozen berries, good shake of turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger.

    I am hoping this is “legal on my program.

    please let me know as my husband and I finish our first 4 days and each 3 # down.

    • The protein shake is not a whole foods breakfast – it is manufactured, highly processed and even though you can’t find sugar in it, it probably has a sugar substitute of some kind.

      It is best if you stick to a real whole foods breakfast so you can get results faster. After that, when you are the desired weight you could reintroduce that specific breakfast and see if it affects you.

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