How to Protect Your Child from Diabetes

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If you’re expecting a baby (or planning on getting pregnant in the near future) read every word of this article…

A good mother will do anything to ensure the safety of her child. In fact, there’s nothing she won’t sacrifice so they grow up strong and healthy. If you have little ones of your own, you’re well aware of this. But as far as diabetes is concerned, many mothers are putting their kids in harm’s way (and without even realizing it).

The problem begins during pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women view this period of their life as a “green light” to eat anything they want. After all, they now have two mouths to feed. Not to mention, they want to “enjoy their pregnancy”. As a result, they end up gaining a lot of weight. Heck, let’s not sugarcoat things: they literally blow up like a balloon (think Jessica Simpson).

And while this may seem like a temporary problem for the mother (something she’ll deal with after giving birth) it actually puts the child in a very compromised situation – even before it’s born.

You see, when a pregnant woman eats a junk food diet loaded with sugar and trans-fats, she’s altering the expression of her baby’s genes. Namely, she causing insulin resistance and a much higher predisposition for obesity and diabetes later on life.

Several studies have demonstrated this effect. For example, one such investigation measured the insulin sensitivity of 21 children ages 5-10. The researchers also did an extensive evaluation of the mothers’ medical records during pregnancy.

What they found was alarming: the higher the woman’s blood sugar levels during pregnancy, the lower her child’s insulin sensitivity (this decreases even further after puberty). And low insulin sensitivity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

The bottom line?

What you eat while you’re pregnant matters a whole lot. So, if you’re expecting or planning on having kids in the near future, heed this word of warning: eat clean.

Think twice before you reach for that bowl of ice cream or that irresistible chocolate chip cookie. In fact, if there was ever a time to watch your diet like a hawk, this is it. Yes, you can “enjoy your pregnancy”. But do it by eating the best quality foods – not junk.

This will give your child the best chance of staying healthy throughout their life. Because at the end of the day, they’ll be faced with enough challenges. Do everything in your power to make sure that obesity and diabetes aren’t among them.

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