Pepsi Special – Helping You Shed Pounds One Sip At a Time

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Pepsi Special: we didn’t ask for it (at least not directly) but we got it anyway. Get ready to shed massive amounts of weight with this fat loss soda.

No, this isn’t a joke. Pepsi has actually released a weight loss soda called Pepsi Special. Oh, the irony! Especially considering that soft drinks are fueling our obesity epidemic. Take that Michael Bloomberg!

But in all seriousness, you can’t blame Pepsi for trying. In fact, my hat goes off to them. Why? Because they’re just giving us – the consumer – what we want. What’s that you ask? Simple: we want our cake and we want to eat it too.

Yes, we want to be slim and healthy… but sadly… we’re just not willing to do what it takes. Not most of us, anyway. So, (smart) companies like Pepsi just shift their marketing strategy to accommodate our wants and needs. In essence, this is just as much our creation as theirs.

Alright, enough with the philosophy. Let’s see if this weight loss soft drink actually works, and if so, how…

The main difference between Pepsi Special and regular Pepsi is that the former contains an added fiber known as dextrin. Its claim of effectiveness lies in the fact that dextrin has been shown to bind fat in the intestine and block its absorption. Therefore, less fat absorbed equals less fat stored which ultimately leads to weight loss, right?

Well, yes and no. In theory, that’s how it works. In practice, it’s a bit different. You’d have to consume large amounts of dextrin to see a noticeable effect. But heed this word of warning: if you’re planning on slimming down with Pepsi Special be sure to wear a diaper!


Because if that fat isn’t absorbed, guess where it’s going? The bottom line is, drink too much of the stuff while eating greasy foods and the situation could become explosive (pun intended). It’s the same thing that happens when you take Alli – the only OTC weight loss drug approved by the FDA (good job guys). Ever read stories from the poor souls taking those pills?

Source: MSNBC.

Now, after reading the above I’m sure you can’t wait to try both Pepsi Special and Alli (in combination). But I have some sad news for you. The weight loss soft drink is currently available only in Japan. Perhaps it’s just as well. I hear we’re facing a shortage of adult diapers in the near future. Better get our ducks in a row before this beverage hits the shelves right here at home.

Until then…

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