Spot Reduction Made Possible With a Little Help from Science

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Spot reduction (i.e. losing only belly fat, a double chin, or love handles) – while attempted by many – still remains impossible. But this new breakthrough is about to change all that…

It seems like yesterday that I was writing about spot reduction (i.e. the ability to burn fat from specific areas of the body) and how it’s not possible.

But according to new research, it seems that I’m about to eat my words. In fact, in about six years time you might be able to get rid of trouble spots (e.g. love handles, a double chin, etc.) with nothing more than a tiny injection.

Excited? You should be because this will be a game changer for anyone struggling to get rid of those last few (and pesky) pounds. Here’s the full scoop…

Researchers have developed a technique whereby they inject capsules containing heat producing cells into specific areas of the body… and… these go on to burn fat! The process is accomplished by “thermogenic signals” emitted through the pores of the capsules into the surrounding fat tissues. Specifically, these signals instruct the neighboring cells to use calories consumed to create heat rather than store them as fat.

How amazing is that?!

The Ohio State University scientists conducting the studies initially targeted visceral fat – the deposits around internal organs that lead to inflammation, heart disease, and other ailments. But lead researcher Ouliana Ziouzenkova has declared that this technique can be used to improve one’s appearance as well.

And while these findings are currently exclusive to mice, the results are very encouraging. According to the Telegraph

“Tests in animals have shown that injecting the capsules caused obese mice to lose up to 10 per cent of their body weight even when being fed a high calorie diet. The researchers are now planning to begin treating obese dogs later this year. If successful and found to be safe, it is hoped that the treatment could be available for use in humans in around six years.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that a proper diet will become any less important. In fact, I strongly believe that advances in science – no matter how great – will never make up for poor food choices. Nevertheless, every little bit helps when it comes to the battle of the bulge, and this, in my opinion, is far beyond little.

With that said, it still needs to be proven safe in humans. And even then, it’s more than six years away from becoming available to you and me. So, in the meantime, get your diet in check, follow a good workout plan, and keep your fingers crossed for this amazing breakthrough.

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