The eBay Diet: How Creative Motivation Helped This Scottish Woman Lose Weight

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How eBay helped Liz Young, a Scottish woman from Lanarkshire lose 85 lbs. and 12 dress sizes…

Getting in shape is hard. And just like with any difficult task, you need a great deal of motivation to get it done. That’s why programs that pay you to lose pounds are so successful. There’s an incentive beyond the obvious (i.e. to look better, to be more healthy) to shed the weight. And after all, who doesn’t love winning cash?

But money’s not the only way to get motivated. In fact, Liz Young from Wishaw, Lanarkshire went from a size 22 to a 10 and lost more than 6 stone (i.e. 84 pounds) on a program she calls the eBay diet.

The what? Exactly my thoughts when I came across the story.

In a nutshell, Liz used the popular auction site to sell her clothes every time she dropped a dress size. Not only that, she would also shop for her newer, smaller sizes from eBay as well. All in all, she actually cycled wardrobes six times for a total cost of… 40 pounds! That’s a mere $65 USD!

Pretty clever and a great way to save money too, wouldn’t you say?

In fact, according to Liz, selling her clothes once they no longer fit was the best incentive she ever had to shed the weight. And that’s coming from someone who grew up with size issues her entire life – yo-yoing from one diet to the next.

So, what can you take away from this if you’re currently battling the bulge? Well, for one: you can save a lot of money recycling your clothes on eBay. Furthermore, Liz’s incentive could also be yours. But finally, what really counts is being motivated in the first place – and again, by something beyond the obvious.

Personally, I kept a pair of jeans tucked in the back of my closet in hopes of wearing them once more. This kept me going when I was struggling with my own weight issues. To be honest, words can’t really describe the amazing feeling of fitting in those pants once again.

So in the end, take the time to find your own motivations. They’ll not only help you get started if you’re wavering, but will push you through the tough times (that will undoubtedly arise) until you’ve reached your goal.


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