The New Super Fruit That Shrinks Stomach Fat

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Trying to get rid of stomach fat? Include this “new” super fruit into your diet to help speed the process along…

Remember the Acai berry hype? You know, that super fruit from the Amazon that marketers tarnished with their outrageous internet ads?

Now, despite the fact that it doesn’t do what supplement companies claim, it still is one of the best fruits for your health (that, and it has some indirect fat loss properties). But that’s not what this article is about.

As it turns out, there’s a “new” super fruit that’s just as healthy as the acai berry… except… it’s much less expensive. It’s called the Aronia berry and it’s not exactly new (hence the quotes around the word in the previous sentence). In fact, Native Americans have known about this nutritional powerhouse for generations.

So, what exactly is an Aronia berry?

Well, it grows wild in North America, has a very tart taste likened to a wine grape, and is loaded with antioxidants. As you may already know, antioxidants are critical in fighting diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Not only that, but they likely speed up the weight loss process, albeit indirectly. You see, antioxidants protect your body’s cells from free radical damage (i.e. toxins). And when you’re actively losing weight, you’re releasing loads of these toxins.

That’s why it’s very important to consume fruits such as Aronia berries when you’re shedding fat. They help purge these free radicals from your system. This reduces their stressful effect on your body and allows your metabolism and energy levels to stay as high as possible – thus enabling you to keep losing weight.

Not bad, right?

So, the next obvious question is: how can you get your hands on these super fruits?

Unlike their cousins, the Acai berries, Aronias don’t come in supplement form. You have to eat them whole, which is great in my opinion. With that said, I’m sure you can find them in farm stands or even supermarkets if you look hard enough. But they definitely sell them online at for ~ $10/pound.


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