What Can You Expect from the Cruise Control Diet?

The amount of weight lost on the Cruise Control Diet averages 30 pounds in 8 weeks…

The speed of your weight loss on the Cruise Control Diet will depend on how much total weight you have to lose. For example, someone who needs to lose 100 pounds could lose the first 30 in as little as a month. On the contrary, someone who needs to lose 30 pounds total might do so in 8-10 weeks.

Nevertheless, if you follow the program as instructed one thing is for sure: you will make speedy, lasting progress you (and everyone around you) can be proud of.

Furthermore, the benefits of the Cruise Control Diet don’t stop at weight loss. You’ll also experience a boost of natural energy as your metabolism resets back to its functional state. This will allow you to enjoy activities you might otherwise have skipped due to feeling tired.

Finally, you can expect all general markers of health to improve (e.g. blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc.) as you continue to lose weight.

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