The Skinny on the Starbucks Diet: Can YOU Lose 85 Pounds With It?

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Christine Hall, a 66 year-old law librarian went on to lose a whopping 85 lbs. while eating exclusively at Starbucks for two years…

We’re constantly bombarded with dire headlines warning of our impending doom if we don’t get our weight in check. It’s business as usual for the media (and no wonder why we tend to ignore them due to “sensory overload”).

Nevertheless, once in a while a new story breaks that contrasts the former and gets our full attention. This time it’s about Christine Hall – a 66-year-old law librarian who went on to lose a whopping 85 pounds by eating nothing but Starbucks.

Over a span of two years, she visited the popular chain daily for her all of her meals. She had breakfast, lunch, and dinner there, enjoying foods such as oatmeal, Panini, and various fruit.

For her it was an issue of convenience, she said. As a busy professional she didn’t have the time to cook and prepare her own meals.

Plus, the fact that Starbucks made all of their foods’ calorie counts and nutritional information readily available, losing weight because almost easy for her. And thus, a new diet was born: The Starbucks Diet, as critics call it.

And critics there have been many. For one, dieticians and other health experts have been quick to point out that she’s not eating a well balanced diet and creating nutritional deficiencies. Then there’s the laymen… plenty of feedback from them – mostly negative, but here’s one that will make you laugh: “Her wallet must of also lost a ton weight”.

But joking aside, the woman looks and feels great. So, the question at hand is, can you (or even, should you) lose weight with the Starbucks Diet? If this really isn’t a sensible weight loss plan (as experts proclaim) why did Christine Hall get such great results?

Like everyone else, it’s time for me to also weigh in on this matter (pun intended)…

Look, losing weight is about calories in vs. calories out. In other words, if your body burns more than you take in, you’ll lose the weight. It’s that simple. Furthermore, if your metabolism is still functional, you can even shed the pounds on a Twinkie Diet – let alone a Starbucks Diet.

But be that as it may, it’s not a good idea, and here’s why…

For one, you have to meticulously track every bite you eat. Furthermore, you’ll have to keep your daily caloric intake very low (Christine went as low as the 800’s on some days).

So, what’s the big deal if it works? Well, as explained in the article, is a calorie a calorie, it’s not sustainable for the majority of people. Christine Hall is the exception – not the rule. Very few dieters can both fight hunger on a daily basis (and you can be sure that woman went through bouts of hunger on a mere 800 calories) and continue to calculate and track their calories. In the end, it’s self-defeating.

And while I wish Christine the best (and truly hope she can keep the weight off) I don’t recommend that you – or anyone else – follow in her footsteps. You can achieve results just as good as hers but without any of the struggles she most likely faced.

There is a catch, however (there always is, isn’t there?). You have to give up the convenience. You will be required to cook and prepare your own meals. Either that, or have someone do it for you. That is the only way you’re going to get fresh, healthy, and unprocessed food that your body wants and can best metabolize. Because when you give your body what it wants – weight loss becomes practically effortless.

And you know what? It’s a small price to pay in my opinion. I’d rather spend a little time in the kitchen and follow a healthy diet, rather than have to count calories and fight hunger pangs. Oh… and it doesn’t hurt to save a bunch of money either.

How do YOU feel about that?


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