Toxic Milk Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You?

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If the dairy industry has its way, milk may no longer do a body good…

Milk is supposed to do a body good. In fact, it’s considered by many to be mandatory for strong bones in growing children. And while that’s somewhat debatable, if the dairy industry has its way, the debate will quickly come to end.

You see, as you read this article, the dairy industry is actively petitioning the FDA to allow aspartame to be added to milk. But that’s not the worst of it. Not only does it want to chemically alter the milk – replacing natural sugars with artificial sweeteners – it wants to hide this fact from the label.

In short, if the dairy industry does get its way… you could be giving your child a product you believe is helping their health (or your own) when in reality it could be causing all kinds of problems.

But why would the dairy industry do this?

Simple: it’s all about dollars and cents. Apparently, milk sales are plummeting in schools as kids opt for lower calorie options such as water. The “brilliant” solution? Strip the milk of the calories but replace the lost taste with the most controversial additive in our food supply.

Now, on the surface this might sound like a good idea. Until, of course, you understand just how bad aspartame may in fact be for your health. It’s been linked to everything from epileptic seizures, and hyperactivity, to mental retardation and personality disorders. In other words, you don’t want to be putting this stuff in your body. And you especially don’t want to give it to kids who are still developing.

Having said that, two points are worth mentioning…

For starters, we live in a free society. As such, the dairy industry should have the right to bring their product to the market (I’ll explain this shortly). The main issue is their secret and sly way of going about it. They want to force it upon us. That I totally disagree with. And I’m not alone.

Sure, let them have their way. Let them put the chemically altered milk on supermarket shelves… but label it. That way, we – the consumer – can vote with our wallets on whether or not we want to buy it.

Again, that is the premise of a free, capitalistic society, right? If we’re suckered into purchasing something we otherwise wouldn’t due to a lack of information, we might as well be living behind an iron curtain.

As for the second point, while aspartame has been linked to several nasty side-effects, we still haven’t “proven” that it’s actually the cause of said problems. That’s why I say let the diary industry have their way (partly; again, labels should be mandatory).

Nevertheless, even though we can’t be 100% certain aspartame is harmful, I always advocate a “be safe than sorry” approach. Specifically, since it’s an artificial substance and there could be health issues, why not avoid it altogether. After all, you have nothing to gain by ingesting aspartame and potentially lots to lose.

And if you’re worried about calories and weight gain – don’t. The fact is, people who consume artificially-sweetened drinks have a much higher likelihood of becoming obese (not to mention a 43% increased risk of stroke).

By now I hope you’re a bit pissed off. Actually, I hope you’re fuming. But don’t just stay mad. Do something about it. Make your voice be heard and fight back. And the best way to do this is to voice your opinion with the FDA. By doing so we could potentially avoid a public health catastrophe and ensure our kids have some kind of future.

Yes, it could get that ugly – so take action now!

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  1. This is one awesome post.Thanks Again. Cool.

  2. I see this article is from 2013 but today it is 2017, is this STILL an open issue? What happened? Is this already happening or did the FDA stop this or require labeling?

    Also wondering if regular milk with cocoa powder and stevia sweetener is okay on the CC diet, I am brand new on this and have not yet read my book (just got it yesterday). I understand that as for sugar ONLY stevia, right? No others, correct?

    • Hi Bruce,

      Stevia is the best type of sweetener to use. It’s natural so it doesn’t come with the potential side effects of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

      You can have almond and coconut milk.

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