Why Vegans Are Wrong – Vegetarians Too!

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The debate between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans (and which is the healthier way to eat) has being going on for decades. It will probably go on for many more. As such, several books wouldn’t be enough to present both sides of the story – let alone a single article.

But despite that fact, I have nothing more to say on the subject. And that’s because I can’t present a more convincing argument than the one nutritionist David Getoff has made in the following video.

So, take the next 6 or so minutes to watch it and decide for yourself who’s right: meat eaters or vegetarians and vegans…

5 Foods to Never Eat (If You Want a Flat Stomach)

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  1. Linda Rea

    Can vegetarians go on the cruise control diet?

    • Hi Linda,

      Being a vegetarian, you will need to get a little creative. You must remember that your body needs fat and it needs calories. Most vegetables (grains excluded and not recommended) do not provide enough calories and you must make up for that by eating a lot.

      Our recommendation is to eat fish and seafood in general, as well as fatty vegetables such as avocados and olives and high calorie vegetables such as roots. Be sure to also avoid soy and meat imitation products.

      Additionally, soups are a great solution for you (e.g. pumpkin soup, cream of broccoli soup, etc.).

      Finally, as part of the email follow-up course, you’ll be receiving additional tips and recipes. Some of these recipes are meat based, however feel free to modify them with the above recommendations.

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