Woman Breaks Weight Loss Plateau By Ditching Plastic

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Have you stopped losing weight due to the dreaded plateau recently? Perhaps you should try what this woman did to blast right through it…

I’ve just spent the last hour scanning headlines on obesity, diet, and health. Of course, most of them have nothing new to tell us: watch your calorie intake, exercise, ditch the soda, we’re drinking too much alcohol (yes, alcohol seems to be the new target now), obesity causes heart disease, etc., etc., etc… All important things, but they read like a broken record.

With that said, here’s something refreshing I came across I thought would be worth sharing. A 240-pound woman went on to lose half her weight – partly with traditional dieting and partly with something few people think of.

Here’s the story in a nutshell…

Lauren Newman went on a diet to slim down from a then size 20. She got on a weight loss program and started walking as well. The first 80 pounds dropped quite quick (good for you Lauren!) but then she hit the dreaded plateau. At that point, nothing seemed to work.

Now, here’s where things get interesting…

After examining her food journal, she noticed a particular trend. While apparently she was eating the right amounts to continue losing weight, a lot of her food came packaged in plastic (e.g. vegetables in a bag, bottled water, canned tuna, etc.). As such, she figured that cutting the latter out of her life would set the ball rolling again.

And that it did! “I lost about 40 pounds in about a blink of an eye,” she said.

So, this raises an important question: is plastic making you fat? And, can limiting your exposure to it help you lose weight? This may very well be the case. In fact, scientists have already deemed BPA (Bisphenol-A) – a substance found in plastic – to be an obesogen. The scary thing is that it’s practically everywhere.

According to Kim Harley, a Berkeley adjunct professor of Public Health, “BPA is one of the largest production volume chemicals in the world. This is a chemical used in a lot of things,” said Harley. “BPA comes from the linings of cans, plastic food containers and water bottles, and it comes from receipts that you get at the store.”

Given that, it’s in your best interest to avoid BPA as much as possible. Reduce your contact with plastic and other things containing it (which are many; even paper receipts are made with this stuff – it’s crazy how pervasive this chemical really is). Read the labels of the products you purchase and make sure they’re BPA-free. Heck, go as far as calling the company if you’re not sure.

Now this might sound a bit excessive but it’s an “easy win”. By taking the time to make simple changes you’re getting one step closer to a slimmer, healthier body. And while it might not result in dramatic weight loss the way it (possibly) did for Lauren Newman, remember: every little bit helps.

Source: CBS News.

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